Immerse yourself in an interactive exploration of agriculture's latest achievements, novel technology, and upcoming trends. Our 12 thematic poles are meant to provide you with a unique SIAM experience. Explore the agricultural diversity from a new perspective through these specialized spaces.

Through its 12 administrative regions, this Pole is an invitation to discover the diversity of products and know-how within the Kingdom of Morocco. Each region highlights its specific geo-climatic features, agricultural policy, local products and agri-tourism. This pole is the territorial expression of the national agricultural strategy

Dedicated to SIAM's sponsors and partners, this pole brings together all the public and private institutions that support the Exhibition and are involved in the agricultural sector

One of the poles that made SIAM a world reference in this field. Over the years, SIAM has become a real international HUB bringing together foreign companies operating in the agricultural sector, as well as international organizations and embassy representatives. This space gives us a glimpse of what's new in terms of global agriculture, and offers the opportunity to develop international partnerships.

A real showcase for Morocco's SMEs and major agricultural and agri-food companies, this space invites us to discover a diversity of raw products and their derivatives, such as fruit and vegetables, milk, beverages, oils, cereals, meat and charcuterie, etc. This pole brings together the jewels of Moroccan agricultural and agri-food companies

This area covers the latest innovations in crop production inputs and equipment: fertilizers, seeds, irrigation equipment as well as all kinds of agricultural tools, equipment and services. This area shows customers how to modernize and improve their agricultural performance

This pole is dedicated to cooperatives and associations from all over the Kingdom, whose products are certified by ONSSA and some of their brands brands hold origin and quality labels (AOC and IG). It brings together the indelible wealth of our terroirs, a matrix and strong marker of territorial identity, and a symbol of pride. This venue, the center of intense commercial activity during the Exhibition, also offers us an original journey across Morocco through the senses, colors, smells, tastes... SIAM is the foundation for exhibiting, promoting and raising international awareness of our flagship products, their specific features and their history.

Centered around the High Commission for Water and Forests, this pole focuses on today's environmental challenges: ecology, new energies and sustainable development. It gives us a different perspective about agriculture  

This pavilion is the national meeting reference when it comes to livestock production. It is divided into two sections: The Animal Exhibition, the only living part of the pavilion, showcases animals and species representative of Moroccan livestock breeding. It is also the venue for animal competitions, performances and shows. It is an opportunity to discover the kingdom's finest specimens, chosen from an initial regional selection

The stock-farming Inputs pole constitues a central hub regrouping veterinary activities, specialized services, inter professional associations, and also techniques and equipments dedicated to farming. This dynamic space offers a showcase to the latest innovative techniques and solutions that favor animals health and well-being. From professional veterinarians to cutting-edge equipments, this pole represents an opportunity for farming players to discover essential ressources for the continuous improvement of their activities

A real exhibition inside the exhibition, the machinery pole brings together a huge quantity of machines and equipments linked to agricultural exploitation. During the exhibition, this area becomes the place of a strong commercial dynamic where sales and purchases are stimulated by special SIAM promotions, and also by a large diversity of offered products. In addition, farmers can benefit from custom-maid accompaniment and offered financing from supporting organisations on site.

The Digital cluster at the SIAM Agriculture Exhibition represents the exciting intersection between technological innovation and the world of agriculture. It's a dynamic space dedicated to the discovery of the latest digital advances, innovative solutions and revolutionary digital practices in agriculture. At the heart of this hub, visitors can explore a variety of stands showcasing cutting-edge agricultural technologies such as smart sensors, connected farming, agricultural data management solutions, mobile applications dedicated to agriculture, and many more innovations linked to rational management of irrigation water

The SIAM Conferences space offers a dynamic platform where experts, professionals and enthusiasts come together to explore current issues facing the agricultural sector. At the heart of this area, captivating conferences led by opinion leaders, researchers and key industry players provide an in-depth look at the latest advances, emerging trends and challenges facing the agricultural world.

The Green Generation pavilion is an area of discovery of the agricultural strategy ‘’ GREEN GENERATION’’ launched by His Majesty The King Mohammed VI may God assist Him in February 2020 for the 2020-2030 decade and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, and Water and Forests The pavilion combines central directions and 17 institutions under the ministry supervision. Thematic spaces are structured around the axis of the two fondements of the strategy that prioritize the human element, while pursuing the dynamic of the sector’s development